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The purchase and sale of advertising web traffic is our job! TraffStock.net is an international advertising project, the leading online store of ad offers.
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Now it is possible to order traffic with payment for the delays on the website. The form of cooperation is called Micro CPA 10. The advertiser pays for visits (according to Yandex.Metrica), which have the following properties:
      must be a human, not robot (according to Yandex.Metrica);
      visitor should stay on the target website for at least 10 seconds;
The prices are more expensive, but you actually get as many times more traffic, and pay only for the "useful" volume. Choosing Micro CPA 10 you are taking off many risks!

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* Mix - is a mixed web-traffic with different parameters of quality.
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mix  / All cities (Mix) mix   mix All desktops 14.42 USD  

1.44 USD

0.0014 USD

mix  / All cities (Mix) low   mix All desktops 11.54 USD  

1.15 USD

0.0012 USD

 / All cities (Mix) mix   mix All desktops 16.03 USD  

1.60 USD

0.0016 USD

 / All cities (Mix) low   mix All desktops 12.82 USD  

1.28 USD

0.0013 USD

F.A.  / All cities (Mix) mix   mix All desktops 8.66 USD  

0.87 USD

0.0009 USD

F.A.  / All cities (Mix) low   mix All desktops 6.93 USD  

0.69 USD

0.0007 USD

 / All cities (Mix) mix   mix All desktops 11.22 USD  

1.12 USD

0.0011 USD

 / All cities (Mix) low   mix All desktops 8.98 USD  

0.90 USD

0.0009 USD

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 Traffic package cost:  18.03 USD   
For 1000:   1.80 USD
For 1:   0.0018 USD