Do you sell bots?
NO, we don`t. By purchasing and paying an advertisement you get true-life, existent visitors to your website, visitors who click through one of the advertising formats. We make a thorough monitoring of the traffic quality. We do recommend to place We do recommend you to place our AntiCheat system code at your site and thus contribute into assessing traffic quality and be alert in case of possible marking up from the part of the website owners.

Do you sell frame traffic?
No, we don`t sell this type of traffic. Moreover, it is prohibited to attract frame-traffic into the system. Host TDS system "destroys" frames in case they are identified and "offset" adavertiser`s website from frame into the visible range of browser. The only exception is Background advertising format.

If  I order traffic, will it be considered unique?
Yes, you will get a unique traffic(according to the settings of your order)! The uniqueness is monitored by either IP or by installed cookies.

I`ve ordered advertising, but the most part of click throughs is done from tabs, and only a small part - from other websites. What is the reason for it?
Yes, within more than 80% click throughs, REFERER field(traffic source address) will be empty. Part of web traffic will be trasnmitted with REFERER, corresponding service URL of the Service. It deals with the identifying technology and "destroying" of frames as well as checking traffic by через Java-redirections.

I`ve ordered a traffic flow from Israel, but analyzing Statistics I saw 5 out of 1000 users were from Russia, 1 - from the US, and the rest 994 - from Israel wanted by me. What is the reason for it?
To define geolocalization of traffic we use a reliable, time-from-time updated Database maxmind (maxmind.org) of pro reduction. We do update our Database of IPs once a month. Sometimes RIPE redistributes the zone, changing its geolocalization, and the appropriate updating of Datebase is  done with a bit of delay. It is acceptable inaccuracy.